Handmade Aromatherapy candle

Burning the candle is not only for inhaling the smell, also has the effect of aromatherapy. Our products are designed around the health and therapeutic benefits:
• Sleep improvement 
• Alleviates stress
• Concentration
• Natural insect repellent
• Emotional stabilization

  • Natural biodegradable soy wax

    Soy wax is extracted from natural soybeans, which is not only natural and environmentally friendly, but also completely free of toxins contained in general petrochemical waxes.

  • Organic Certified beeswax

    Beeswax is the wax produced by honeybees of the genus Apis. It is the oldest material used to make candles.

  • 100% Certified organic essential Oil

    A commitment to quality
    -USDA Organic Certification
    -JAS Certification (Japanese Agricultural Standard)
    -Certification AB (Organic Farming by Ecocert)
    -Ecocert Greenlife Certification
    -Ecocert Cosmos Certification

  • wooden wick

    Our wooden wicks are sustainably sourced, FSC approved and offer a more eco-friendly alternative to cotton wicks. Also, the wooden crackle wicks make a delightful cracking sound when they burn.

Walk in to the Forest (Woodsy scent )

Protect the sea

Our product dosen’t contain any ingredients that have the potential to be harmful pollutants to marine life and their ecosystem.

Eco-friendly material

We are using environmental protection Water-soluble foam for packaging.
The material is made from corn starch, can be composted in any residential setting or commercial composting facility.

Sustainable packaging

Our packaging paper box are recycled, recyclable and naturally biodegradable & plastic free