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Breathe out aromatherapy scented candle

Breathe out aromatherapy scented candle

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The mysterious and calm patchouli has an earthy green scent, coupled with the pure woody scent of frankincense, and a light fruity scent that makes you feel like you are in the forest with a sense of calm and solidity connected to the earth.

Main Note: Clary Sage/Patchouli/Frankincense/Sweet Orange

  • Clary Sage: Smell like musk and amber, Soft, warm herbal scent
  • Patchouli: Earthy, Woody, Musky (Forest earthy smell after rain)
  • Frankincense: Resinous, Woody
  • Sweet Orange: Delicately sweet and tangy with the aroma of fresh cut oranges

Diffusion range: About 150 feet 

  1. Calm
  2. Promote the release of serotonin and dopamine
  3. These hormones can relieve anger, anxiety and bad moods.
  4. Has the effect of calming nerves and stabilizing emotions
  5. The aroma of the ingredient (Clary Sage)  linalyl acetate makes it one of the most relaxing, soothing and balancing essential oils
  6. Suitable for meditation/doing yoga/creating
    • Ingredients: Natural soy wax, beeswax,  wooden wick, Certified organic essential oil
    • Capacity: 250ml 
    • Burn time: approx 30 hours 
    • Handmade scented candles 
    • Height 7CM x 9CM (Height x Width) 
    • When burning for the first time, it is recommended to burn for 1 hour or until the wax pool liquefies to the edge of your glass.
    • After each use, we recommend trimming the wick to a length of approximately 0.5~0.7 cm in order to ensure optimal burning on subsequent use.
    • Please do not burn more than 4 hours each time
    • Hand-made scented candles, high-concentration essential oils are easy to show unevenness in the work OR it is a natural phenomenon if the temperature is high and uneven during the transportation process.
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