About Us

Ignite Candle is a Hong Kong based handmade candle company founded in 2021.

Our scented candles use all natural plant based ingredients and Do Not contain any synthetic fragrances made from petroleum. We are committed to protecting our planet and not damaging the air, our oceans, and all natural life. 

Natural ingredients: 
we only use sustainably sourced and organic essential oils and wax within our candles.
Not just natural essential oils, we use the highest quality certified organic essential oils

Organic certified essential oils are inspected in the whole process of planting, extraction, on-site operations, product packaging and transportation, and product sales to check whether they contain chemical synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or chemical additives to ensure that they can be obtained completely natural. , Non-toxic, pesticide-free products. Organic farming means that plants are not polluted by chemical pesticides and pesticides during the growth process, and it is a set of operation methods that coexist in harmony with nature. With healthy plants and fertile land, purer, natural and effective essential oils can be obtained The "organic planting" of agricultural products is very strict. The soil of the farmland must not have residues of chemical fertilizers or heavy metals (it must be fallow for three to five years). The adjacent farmland must also be isolated to prevent the adjacent farmland from polluting its cultivation when pesticides are sprayed.

Our products are designed around the health and therapeutic benefits ranging from sleep improvement through to insect repellent.

Our Social commitment: 
We are committed to environmental protection. 1% of the profit of each candle will be donate to green organizations, that will positively contribute to the future sustainable society.


Brand Story

Our founder received a branded scented candle as a gift from a friend, and lit the candle when she went home to rest that night. The fragrance permeated the entire living room, and after about two hours, she began to feel a little headache, and the aroma starts to get pungent and offensive

She checked the reason on the Internet and learned that all brands on the market use cheap paraffin and chemical flavor/petroleum extract raw materials to make scented candles to reduce costs and create a stable aroma. But long-term inhalation of these chemical raw materials is not only harmful to the human body, but also causes great pollution to the environment.

The founder, who used to work for an organic brand, used the knowledge of essential oils he learned at that time to start researching scented candles that are not harmful to the human body and the earth for personal use.

After thousands of experiments and tests with vegetable waxes and organic essential oils, our founders have finally designed several aromatherapy candles with a stable scent to use every day for relaxation. Once a friend came to have dinner at home and liked the scent of the scented candles in use at that time, so the founder gave him one.

In the end, many friends asked the founder if there were candles for sale, so the founder began to design every detail from the appearance of the glass bottle to the therapeutic effect of scented candles and officially launched the market for sale.

We takes part in programs supporting environmental protection, also arouses public awareness towards environmental protection and waste management issues.
In 2021 we participated in the following events:

Place: TKO Plaza, Hong Kong
We were cooperate with Nan Fung Group to turn discarded recycled glass into colourful candle holders.