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Candle Warmer

Candle Warmer

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Since most of the aromatic particles of natural essential oils will evaporate at about 60 degrees, the essences that are different from petroleum extracts can last for 100 degrees or above without evaporating. At the same time, the flame temperature is as high as 100 degrees or above, which will cause the aroma particles to burn quickly and reduce the degree of fragrance diffusion. Therefore, we recommend using candle lamps with our products.

  1. Flameless: If you have children, pets, or a forgetful mind. Candle warmers are a safer option for burning candles and/or wax because there is no open flame, which reduces the risk of house-fire
  2. Does not produce any soot: candle warmers do not produce any soot and burn candles more efficiently
  3. Have a longer burn time than candles: Wax melts absorb heat slower than traditional candles and therefore are able to release aromas without burning the oils. This gives the wax the ability to continue releasing the fragrance without the scent evaporating quickly. When you burn a candle, the opposite happens.
  4. The light of scented candles can be used in a space to read a light required for reading, with both reading functions and multiple applications.
  • Size:15cm x 15cm x 34cm
  • Bulb: 2 bulbs
  • Plug Type : Hong Kong three-pin plug ( Type G plug )
  • Wattage: 220 watts
  • Dimmer Timing : 2 / 4/ 8 hours
  • Dimmer Heating: 4 heating levels 


  • Please do not light your candle while you using the candle warmer.
  • To prevent wire/Bulb damage, please do not use it continuously for more that 10 hours
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