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Balance aromatherapy wax melts

Balance aromatherapy wax melts

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Main Note : Basil / Fir / Vetiver

Smell of mountain air

The clear air is filled with the atmosphere of simple mountains and forests,
A clean and pleasant scent with notes of coniferous paths, ozone, clear spring water, wild meadows and earth undertone.
The main note uses a fresh and sweet green aroma, with sweet basil essential oil with tree balsam base notes
With Balsam Fir essential oil distilled from the needles
Fresh, hearty and unique woody aroma,
Reminiscent of mountaineering, the quiet atmosphere of the mountains and forests with clouds and mist passing through the cedar forests along the way
Finally, vetiver essential oil with a deep earthy fragrance is used as an embellishment,
Sometimes smoky, sometimes delicate floral
You can also feel the air of light and elegant nature at home

  1. Diffuse while reading or reading to help focus
  2. Can help soothe emotions and make you feel stable
  3. Use when feeling tired or meditating to bring peace and stability
  4. Fir essential oil is rich in alpine phytoncine, can quickly improve air quality, suitable for people with weak respiratory system
  5. Because basil is rich in linalool (Linalool), it can bring great benefits to the body and mind, and has the effect of relieving tension
  • Ingredients: Natural soy wax, Certified organic essential oil, Dry Flower Petals and herbs

      Burn time

      ╹Capacity: 12ml ( 1 cube )
      ╹Size: Height 4.6CM x Width 3CM
      ╹Burn time: approx 2~3hours 

      Storage Recommendation

      ╹To preserve the quality of the natural essential oils, Store it in a dry and cool area of your home, away from direct sunlight and sources of heat.

      ╹Please do not store it in the refrigerator to avoid moisture affecting its use.

      Warning ⚠️ 

      ╹Check for flammable materials before lighting.
      ╹Place on a stable, non-flammable surface.
      ╹Keep away from flammable substances and drafts.
      ╹Do not eat or put on skin.
      ╹Avoid using near unattended areas or flammable materials.
      ╹Keep out of reach of children and pets.
      ╹Do not exceed recommended burn time.
      ╹Ensure candle is completely extinguished before leaving.
      ╹Follow these warnings for safety.

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      • Step 1: Turn on your Oil burner:

        ╹If you're using an electric warmer, there should be a switch or button to turn it on.
        ╹If you're using a tea light oil burner, put your tea light into the designated hole.

      • Step 2: Light your tea light candle

      • Step 3:

        Add a wax melt to the top dish. At leasr you need to use 1 cubes for our oil burner.

      • Step 4:

        Allow the heat to melt the wax, releasing its aroma.
        One cube from our wax melts will last for approximately 2~3hours.

      • Step 5: Remove the wax and clean your burner

        ╹Make sure your burner is cool to touch.there are 3 methods you can use to empty your burner.

        1.Let the wax cool and solidify. Remove the solid wax.

        2.When the wax melt still in the liquid state, Wipe the dish with a cloth

        3. Or pour into our Tealight candle holder for reuse.

      • Once you've removed your wax, wipe the burner dish down with either a paper towel or damp cloth. We don't recommend using cleaning products as this may give off harmful gasses when burning.