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Sleep aromatherapy scented candle

Sleep aromatherapy scented candle

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A natural sweet sleep formula suitable for babies, adults and the elderly

Main notes :Lavender-Lavandula angustifolia(France), Sweet orange -Citrus sinensis (Brazil, Mexico), frankincense- Boswellia carterii (Somalia) 

The most advanced "real lavender" in the Provence plateau, matched with the sweetness of sweet orange, is like being in Provence. The fragrance of birds and flowers helps relieve stress and soothe the body and mind.

Diffusion range: About 150 feet 

  1. Help sleep, relieve headaches, soothe and boost
  2.  Reduce baby's restlessness during sleep
  3. Improve anxiety, depression, mental tension
  4. Lavender essential oil activates alpha waves and beta caryophyllene (brain waves emitted by the occiput when the brain is in stable activity), allowing the brain to fully rest
  5. linalool and linalyl acetate,which is a component of lavender, can help sleep
  6. Relieve stress and improve depression effect
  7. Frankincense has a sweet, balsamic scent that balances emotions, experiences peace, and aids in meditation

Special attention: Since infants and young children's olfactory organs and metabolic systems are developing and are very delicate, infants and young children under the age of 2 should use mild aromatherapy: Diffuse 1 hour before entering the space and turn off the diffuser when the baby is in the room

  • Ingredients: Natural soy wax, beeswax,  Wooden wick, Certified organic essential oil
  • Since most aromatic particles of natural essential oils evaporate at around 60 degrees, fragrances, unlike petroleum extracts, can last 100 degrees or more without evaporating. At the same time, the flame temperature is as high as 100 degrees or more, which will cause the aroma particles to burn quickly and reduce the degree of aroma diffusion. Therefore, we recommend that when using our products, it will achieve better results with candle warmer
  • Capacity: 250ml 
  • Burn time: approx 30 hours 
  • Handmade scented candles 
  • Height 7CM x 9CM (Height x Width) 
  • When burning for the first time, it is recommended to burn for 1 hour or until the wax pool liquefies to the edge of your glass.
  • After each use, we recommend trimming the wick to a length of approximately 0.5~0.7 cm in order to ensure optimal burning on subsequent use.
  • Please do not burn more than 4 hours each time
  • Hand-made scented candles, high-concentration essential oils are easy to show unevenness in the work Or it is a natural phenomenon if the temperature is high and uneven during the transportation process.
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