Our eco-friendly packaging

FSC-certified paper packaging

We choose to use FSC-certified paper for our packaging because it brings many benefits. By opting for FSC-certified paper, you support responsible forest management, contribute to the protection of biodiversity and wildlife habitats, and respect the rights of local communities. Such a choice helps create a more sustainable future and collectively safeguard our planet.

Water-soluble foam

We are using environmental protectionWater-soluble foamfor packaging.
The material is made from corn starch, can be composted in any residential setting or commercial composting facility.

Sustainable packaging

Our packaging paper box are recycled, recyclable and naturally biodegradable & plastic free

Plantable Seed Paper Red pocket 2024

In every Chinese New year, 98% of the red procket are sealed with a layer of plastic film, they cannot be decomposed.

In 2024, we have searched for many paper factories and finally decided to use seed paper. Made from recycled paper, during the papermaking process, plant seeds are mixed into the recycled paper, making it 100% biodegradable. Combining recycled paper with plant seeds, we create "seed paper." Simply burying these "seed papers" in the soil and watering them will allow unexpected plants to grow.

Not only does it prevent them from ending up in the trash bin and harming the environment, but it is also full of vitality.