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Plantable Seed Paper Red pocket

Plantable Seed Paper Red pocket

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Every year, everyone responds to environmental protection and recycles red packets, hoping that they can be used back next year.
This is because 99% of red chip seals use a layer of glue (coating), and everyone knows that they cannot be removed.

This year we visited many paper factories and finally decided to use seed paper.
Made from recycled waste paper, plant seeds are mixed into the recycled paper during the papermaking process, and it is 100% biodegradable.

Combine recycled paper with plant and flower seeds to make "seed paper". As long as these "seed papers" are buried in the soil and watered, plants that we can't expect will grow. Not only does dropping the trash can cause it to damage the environment, And it is full of vitality.

This time we used the illustrators artist from Taiwan to help us to draw the illustrations for the Year of the Dragon in 2024. This fierce dragon came out of our scented candles like a magic lamp, just like the fragrance we usually diffuse.

And couldn’t put it down when dragon hugged our scented wax melts. I hope that in the new year, everyone will have a good time returning to work and school. When you go out, you will be like a powerful dragon, fighting.
When you return home, you will be like this dragon in the picture and sleep peacefully. Once again, I wish everyone good health in the new Year of the Dragon! Dragon horse spirit! Wealth is coming❤️

size: 86 x 160mm
Red pocket x 10pcs

1. Tear the seed paper into small pieces and soak in water for 48 hours
2. Spread the paper flat on the soil and cover it with a thin layer of soil (since the seeds are very small, they can be buried shallowly. If they are buried too deep, the sprouts may not be able to come out!)
3. Water the seed paper and soil thoroughly with water
4. Let the potted plants receive moderate exposure to sunlight and maintain ventilation, and provide sufficient water (keeping the soil moist steadily will help the seeds germinate) 

It takes time for plants to grow, as well as the love and patience of the grower. Looking forward to the sprouts sprouting from the seeds, enjoying the planting process is the most important thing!

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