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Balance aromatherapy scented candle

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Main Note : Basil / Fir / Vetiver

Smell of mountain air

The clear air is filled with the atmosphere of simple mountains and forests,
A clean and pleasant scent with notes of coniferous paths, ozone, clear spring water, wild meadows and earth undertone.
The main note uses a fresh and sweet green aroma, with sweet basil essential oil with tree balsam base notes
With Balsam Fir essential oil distilled from the needles
Fresh, hearty and unique woody aroma,
Reminiscent of mountaineering, the quiet atmosphere of the mountains and forests with clouds and mist passing through the cedar forests along the way
Finally, vetiver essential oil with a deep earthy fragrance is used as an embellishment,
Sometimes smoky, sometimes delicate floral
You can also feel the air of light and elegant nature at home

  1. Diffuse while reading or reading to help focus
  2. Can help soothe emotions and make you feel stable
  3. Use when feeling tired or meditating to bring peace and stability
  4. Fir essential oil is rich in alpine phytoncine, can quickly improve air quality, suitable for people with weak respiratory system
  5. Because basil is rich in linalool (Linalool), it can bring great benefits to the body and mind, and has the effect of relieving tension
  • Ingredients: Natural soy wax, beeswax,  Wooden wick, Certified organic essential oil
  • Capacity: 250ml 
  • Burn time: approx 30 hours 
  • Handmade scented candles 
  • Height 8CM x 7CM (Height x Width) 
  • When burning for the first time, it is recommended to burn for 1 hour or until the wax pool liquefies to the edge of your glass. 
  • After each use, we recommend trimming the wick to a length of approximately 0.5~0.7 cm in order to ensure optimal burning on subsequent use.
  • Please do not burn more than 4 hours each time
  • Hand-made scented candles, high-concentration essential oils are easy to show unevenness in the work 
  • Or it is a natural phenomenon if the temperature is high and uneven during the transportation process.

Objects are not recommended

  • Toddler/Pregnant/Lactating
  • cannibalism patient
  • low/high blood pressure
  • mad Men
  • Sensitive groups


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